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How long does a business project take to go live?

The length of time of a business project varies and is based on a number of factors including: business needs and challenges, size of the project, financing raised, and scope of the project.

Do you ever invest in your members?

Yes, we invest in our members, because we believe that our members are the glue that binds our communities together.  We provide every member an opportunity to provide a well-thought-out business plan or idea and submit them to us.  However, be mindful that anything you submit to us, you release us from any liability, and waive all rights to any claims for payment or royalties.

Do we really need a business plan?

Having a good thought business plan is paramount to making your project successful.  UBSBC reviews projects and then acquires them.  From time to time, we may sponsor community projects or programs to show support.

I Want to become a Member, how does the process work?

Becoming a member is easy.  You select the project that resonates with you, and then you select the membership price you want to contribute to become a member. Your membership helps make the projects come to life.  As a member, you also receive rewards and benefits.

How can I find or track my order?

You can track your order from your Account page, please click here to login or go to your account page: https://ubsbc.com/account/.

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