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A digital bank project offering a membership. The Company is launching in Fall/Winter 2023 and will be offering electronic payment solutions. With options to open personal, and business accounts with merchant solutions; as well as loans, and mortgage options. This is a great opportunity to become a member of this project at the ground level. Rather than have your wealth just sitting in traditional banks, now you can diversify your capital into UBSBC; and its holding companies: Sovrn Financial, Health Care projects, Private Hospitals, Private Schools, Farming, Energy, Sustainable Housing, and much more. Your membership fee supports the growth of not only Sovrn Financial, but all the other community-based projects, so the more you invest, the more you pay it forward for positive change to happen, and that's a rewarding thing to be a part of. A membership Shares certificate will be emailed within 7 to 10 days, along with the membership agreement.

The Company has taken steps to mitigate risk. Our member's investment will be secured in hard assets, such as mortgages, energy, land, and lending funds.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of UBSBC, you get an opportunity to purchase member rewards. These reward points can be used across all of UBSBC companies and brands online.


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